Prototyping workshop

Sketching, wireframing and prototyping are all essential activities for building applications. I have taken an interest in various tools to accomplish these activities and recently conducted a workshop with designers, developers and entrepreneurs. Here are my slides for the presentation.

slideshare prototyping

And here are a photos from the workshop…

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Marta Soncodi

What is Latticera?

Many people read our company name on my business card and ask me what it means or stands for. “Latticera” was derived from the workd “lattice” which, by definition, is an interlaced structure or pattern. It is a form of networking and it also exists as a math concept, ex. “boolean lattice”; this one happens to be the subject of a math project my husband has been absorbed with for more than a year. And then there are companies like Coursera and Cloudera, heralding eras of education and cloud solutions, respectively. Why then not the era of networking and interworking? This is what we do at Latticera: we network and build interconnected applications and services.

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The logo was done by my friend and business partner, Jennifer Huang.

Marta Soncodi